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I write for businesses, helping them take their message to customers.

Building a product or a service is 20% work of any business. The 80% involves taking the product/service to the right customers, and after-sales service. And that’s where you make money.

I believe, `Better products create a better world’.

But better products/services won’t create a better world unless customers buy them.

Remember, customers make their purchase decisions emotionally. They don’t buy because they understand your product. They buy when they feel you understand them, their needs. When you are empathetic.

So, your web copy, sales page or any promotional materials should mention their pain points and show how you are going to cure them.

My copy will be clear, concise and highlighting the best benefits you are offering. More about my copy benefits in a while.

Before that, here’re the types of the copy I am currently writing:

1. Web Pages:

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Services Page

2. Sales Page

The sales page is also a web page. But this requires special attention. Sales pages are longer than other web pages and detailed, and here’s where you are directly selling your products/services.

3. Business Emails/Newsletters

Email marketing is a goldmine. Unlike social media or other forms of advertising, E-Mail is personal. When written well, people read it and take quick action.

When you send occasional, non-intrusive emails, customers remember your brand. You can teach them to use your products via mail. It shows them that you care.

And when you launch your next product, they directly buy from their mailbox.

Email is a tool to keep your happy customers engaged and loyal. Write them more.

4. Business Blog/Content Marketing

With a huge increase in online shopping, people are also doing extensive research before making a decision to buy.

  • Are you educating customers well on your products? The features and benefits? On how your offering is going to solve your customers’ problems?
  • Are your customers referring to your website or going to some random sites?

If they are not on your site, they may probably end up buying from your competitors.

So, build a robust website, post informative content, keep customers on your site for longer.

The better your content is, the better you are in a position to sell. It creates a psychological effect on customers that you care for about your products. With that, you care for your customers.

Ultimately, customers are the kings. Satisfy them with all features and benefits. So comprehensive that they don’t find any reason to back off from making a purchase.

And the content? Let me write.

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